Khartoum’s latest female art studio

Rayan Khalil

Today at Bait AlNisa, we will be featuring a great Artist and a women of strong will who made her dream come true by establishing an art studio in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum.
Started her art journey in primary school in Moscow, at the age of six, Artist Rayan Khalil started working with watercolors. To later then enrolling and graduating from The University of Khartoum, faculty of Architecture to later then joining Khartoum Arts Training Center, where she was guided by great mentors.
In the year 2015 , Rayan was a member of Archectora Art Association which helped her participate in several exhibitions. And before that in 2012 she was a part of a fundraising exhibition for The Education without Borders. In the year 2016 she participated in Gallerina group exhibition.

Finally Rayan was a part of The Shams Gallery permanent exhibition in 2020 along side great names such as Hussain Merghani , Mohammed Fadul and Khalid Abdalrahman.
In 2019 , she started a small studio where she dedicated most of her time to coloring. Being consistent and hard working, Rayan tries to keep herself motivated in receiving her art projects and requests.
She believes in creating an environment to be creative hence she has a meditation space along side her studio, where she paints, hosts and displays artworks.

“I appreciate the consistency and the hard work, I always get the question of how you keep yourself motivated all the time and so on, it’s tricky when it comes to business, sometimes I have to create the motivation so I can dig in to the work that I’m supposed to be working on, by setting a suitable and inspiring atmosphere for instance, that when I thought of opening my real-life art studio/office, a place where I can paint, display my artwork, have guests and clients and maybe meditate! It is nearly two months and I totally see the many benefits of it.” States Rayan. 

Rayan believes that making a living through art is challenging yet possible, and she encourages young artists who would like to pursue a career in art to take the first step.

“I would say it is a dream, and it is coming true, slowly but it’s moving.”

Written by: Amal Mohamed 






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