Bait Alnisa is a platform dedicated to Sudanese female art. It aims to showcase Sudanese female artists presenting the diversity of the type of art they produce varying from painting, illustrations, furniture, fashion design, music, poetry and so on.. It also focuses on highlighting historical information and documentation of the contribution of female artists to the art scene in Sudan.

Bait Alnisa is a project of The Muse multi studios, it was founded in 2020 by visual artist and curator, Reem Aljeally.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Showcase and present Sudanese female artists to the masses
  • Create connections between Sudanese female artists
  • Train young emerging artists
  • Provide guidance and consultations 
  • Become a directory for Sudanese female art
  • Establish collaborations between artists
  • Create projects and programs that support and empower female artists 

 “I always met a lot of men dominating the art field”, says Reem Aljeally - The Founder of Bait Alnisa, “The big names are all male, I kept wondering where are the women? I kept meeting a lot of very talented female artists, but there were still not as many as there were men.” So she built a platform to showcase female artists in Sudan and to support them and create a bond between them. At the moment it exists as a gallery, but in the future Reem is planning to work on a number of programmes with female artists. In the near future she is planning on working on a project called Studio Alnisa, to document the studios of female artists working in Khartoum. 

As featured on The Gallery Girl Podcast.